Is Sharing Passwords Love That We’re Feeling?

... or misguided trust?

Is Sharing Passwords Love That We’re Feeling?

The Daily Mail reports that a recent study commissioned by Samsung with One Poll has discovered that nearly half of you in a relationships think that sharing your mobile PIN or your email and social media passwords is a sign of commitment. They went on to say that of those polled (around 2000 folk), 40% have already shared their email password. Interestingly though, only a quarter or so have shared their Facebook password.

Sign of the times?

It is a sign of the times that a declaration of love should include sharing your online access. It would have been interesting to see how long into a relationship it is before the trust is strong enough to take that step. Allegedly, and according to another poll, at around the twelve months mark, your relationship will be so strong that you will be finishing each others’ sentences, calling each other by a pet name, and leaving the toilet door open. So is sharing passwords merely another simple marker of your love for each other or something more sinister?

It’s a trust thing

To share a password with somebody else is a very trusting thing to do. It’s a level of trust that says “I am giving you a part of me. And I am trusting you”. How do we get to that state of sharing? Is the sharing of the password given freely as a gift? Or is it requested because of some subterfuge on the part of one party? Perhaps it is shared in response to emotional blackmail from an insecure partner following a conversation along the lines of “what non generic adipex have you got to hide?”. Or maybe it is simply learned through the simple osmosis that you can find in any relationship. You may not even know that your partner knows your password or phone PIN and is reading all your private messages.

Why share at all?

If you have shared your passwords with your loved one, you may want to think again about the reasons for doing so. Is it really a show of trust and love? Have you given it for the right reason? Do you believe that sharing will truly strengthen your relationship? Did you give it freely or did you feel under pressure to provide it from a bullying or controlling partner? What are the risks if your relationship should fail? What if the content of any of your private messages are read and misunderstood? What if your partner changes your password, locking you out of your account and worse still, then threatens to upload those photos taken of you in an intimate moment?

Regaining your privacy

After reading this, you may feel you should change your password to regain your privacy. We are all entitled to some privacy, even from our partners and loved ones. Going about getting your privacy back without rousing suspicions may, of course, be difficult. It is something that needs to be talked about openly and transparently. After all, if you are in a strong relationship, what is there to fear from not being able to read your partner’s emails or private messages? Surely the trust is right there … by NOT asking for your partner’s password or PIN?

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