More Hacked Nude Celebrity Images Released

More Hacked Nude Celebrity Images Released

It’s happened again. Following on from the recent upload of hacked nude celebrity images, another batch of pictures has been published on-line. The latest victims include Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Hope Solo. They were uploaded to 4chan and Reddit over the weekend.  Over 50 images alone, are believed to have been published of Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s fiancé.

Gabrielle Union confirmed that the images of her are genuine and were only shared with her husband, Dwyane Wade. Other celebrity victims have responded on social media denying or confirming the content is genuine with a number turning to the FBI to assist and promising to prosecute any perpetrators of the theft.

The claim from anonymous users on 4chan is that the images were stolen from Apple’s iCloud service, yet Apple continue to deny any breach of security pointing the finger back at the celebrities for poor password management. They suggest that users should manage their accounts with a stronger password and enable Apple’s recent two-step verification service.

Social media sites including Twitter are swiftly closing down accounts found to be sharing the content against usage policies, but success is limited for as soon as one account is deleted, another will pop up in its place to once again share the images.

The hacker is reported to have more than 2GB worth of images buy adipex from mexico still to be released. From the original list of named victims published at the beginning of September, there remains Rachel Nicols and Cara Delevingne among others whose images are yet to surface.

It is interesting that pictures claimed to have only be privately shared between partners have been published. With Apple denying any breach and the victims denying they have shared, it does seem that the hackers have been remarkably successful. Apple have suggested that the hackers have been clever in deducing the celebrity’s passwords to gain access. Being  under the public eye would suggest that the use of passwords is could be related to something personal to the victim, such as a pet’s, child’s or partner’s name. Something which is easily guessable.

With the FBI taking a keen interest, we may yet find out how the crime was perpetrated. In the meantime, if you use Apple’s iCloud, or indeed any other cloud service to store things which are personal to you, take some time to review you passwords and change them to something stronger and less personal. And do use the two step verification as suggested by Apple or two factor authentication on other similar services where available. These additional security steps are becoming more common place across many cloud services, such as Yahoo and Google.


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