Max Mosley Sues Google Over Sex Photos

What happens if Max Mosley wins his case against Google?

Max Mosley Sues Google Over Sex Photos

Search still finds details

When you search for Max Mosley on Google, this is what you get. Try narrowing your search and you get even more links to websites carrying the original story about the News of the World’s expose of a 5 hour sado-masochistic sex party with prostitutes. Mosley won a case against the News of the World in 2008 on the premise that the sado-masochistic activities that took place were private in nature and there had therefore been a pre-existing relationship of confidentiality between the participants. Under Article 8*** of the European Convention on Human Rights, he successfully challenged that there had been a Breach of Confidence following publication of details of his private life.

Despite winning and being awarded £60,000 together with costs, the Internet continues to carry the story with images taken from the published video from the party recorded by one of the participants. Clicking on the Google Images tab gives you a sense of the scale of the problem that Mosley is complaining about.

Campaign could have far reaching consequences

Mosley, now a campaigner for privacy rights in a statement “seeks to compel where to buy adipex in malaysia Google to stop gathering and publishing images that the English high court decided in 2008 were unlawful in the landmark privacy case Mosley v News Group Newspapers.”  This is an interesting stance as it could be construed that Google is a publisher of the content rather than merely a tool for searching others’ content. It is perhaps surprising then that the recent precedent of a European court of justice ruling that established a Right to be Forgotten forcing Google to comply with removal of certain URLs from search results, is not enough. Indeed, Google in response to the case have said “We have worked with Mr Mosley to address his concerns and taken down hundreds of URLs about which he has notified us.”

Winning the case could eventually have far reaching consequences for Google and other search engines and Mosley has already won cases in both France and Germany on similar grounds.

*** Article 8(1) of the Convention provides that;

“everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.”



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