Google Pressured by EU Data Regulators

But does Google even care?

Google Pressured by EU Data Regulators

Google continues to evade pressure from EU data regulators about making changes to its data privacy policy.

This follows an amendment made by Google in March 2012 in which Google consolidated some sixty policies into one to cover their move to share data across their many platforms services, including Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs. However, users were not provided with the opportunity of opting out.

Although not accused directly of breaking the law, the belief then was that this put Google in the position of breaching European rules.

There is an expectation that Google must tell users exactly what data is collected and why. This is not happening despite the challenges. A small buy adipex online from canada change was made to the policy in March this year but this is still not considered fully compliant.

The European Union’s data protection Article 29 Working Party have written to Larry Page, Google’s chief executive stating that “Google must meet its obligations with respect to the European and national data protection legal frameworks and has to determine the means to achieve these legal requirements.”

Responses from Google have so far been lacklustre. Hopes do not appear to be very high that Google will quickly fall into line. It is likely that it will hold out for as long as possible with a less than transparent data privacy policy.

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