Facebook introduces Legacy Contact

But will you use it?

Facebook introduces Legacy Contact

Facebook in the US has today introduced the concept of a Legacy Contact into it’s service. This will allow a Facebook user to effectively nominate an “online executor” to take on your account should you die. This could be a family member or friend, or even the executor of your Will.

Facebook has said that they have created this feature in response to a large number of requests from bereaved families desperate to administer accounts of their lost ones themselves. This facility will also help Facebook to better handle the difficult matter of administering the large number of memorialized accounts.

Note, that at the time of writing the service is not available in the UK, although it is expected to arrive soon.

What can the Legacy Contact do?

The Legacy Contact, though, will have limited access to your account. They will be able to write a last post, perhaps an obituary or simple announcement, update your profile picture and cover image and accept friend requests from those who are not yet your friends on Facebook if needed. If permission was granted by you when you set up a Legacy Contact, then the Legacy Contact will also be able to download a Facebook archive containing your posts, photos and profile information.

The Legacy Contact will not be able to delete previous posts, read your private messages or unfriend anyone. In other words, they will only be able to administer your account in a limited way and not be able to log in as you. All other buy adipex for cheap settings will remain as they were before the memorialization came into effect, including all your chosen privacy settings etc.

So how does it work?

Firstly you must go to your security settings and select Legacy Contact
Facebook security settings
Legacy contact
Choose your contact and optionally send them a message
Legacy Contact_Message
Choose if you wish to allow them to download a Facebook archive
Legacy Contact_Data
And finally, Facebook will post a “Remembering” text above your name and allow your Legacy Contact to pin the last post to the top of your page.

Should you die, to be able to administer your account, your Legacy Contact will firstly need to contact Facebook to have your account placed into a “memorialized” state using this form.
Facebook memorialization form

Do I have to nominate a Legacy Contact?

Not at all. You have several options open to you:

  • Have Facebook close your account on your death. Your should inform Facebook of your desires in advance.
  • Provide details of your account and password to a family member or the executor of your Will. Clearly this will open up your account to full use by that person and is potentially against the privacy policy and terms and conditions you signed up to when you joined Facebook.
  • Choose to use one of the Digital Asset Management service providers to maintain details of your online accounts, including Facebook and selecting an executor to carry out your wishes. See our list of service providers.


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