Even More Hacked Nude Celebrity Images Released

It's a final wake up call to us all

Even More Hacked Nude Celebrity Images Released

Here we go again!  A third tranche of hacked nude celebrity images leaked. This time, the victims include Cara Delevingne and actresses Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence. The pictures once again have appeared on 4Chan and Reddit.

The pictures have been hacked from the celebrities’ Apple iCloud accounts, but Apple continue to deny any breaches. They say the accounts were

compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions.

This has become more than a bit of wake up call not just for celebrities, but for all of us who have buy adipex p canada insecure passwords on our cloud accounts. And not just iCloud either. All cloud services are at risk if the barrier to access is a simple guessable password, one that was set up for convenience when you initially signed up and have perhaps never changed. Check out our suggestions on password management or if you are using iCloud, you can set Apple’s two step validation to further secure you account.


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