What Is It All About?

Your digital legacy. What is it? Do you even care?

What Is It All About?

This Site

This site discusses the trail of Digital Footprints we leave behind and the Digital Legacy we create. It looks at the risks involved and how you can take control of the process. Don’t leave your Digital Legacy to chance.

The Value of our Non-Digital Legacy

As we progress through life, we collect all manner of artefacts that have meaning to us. Some of these may even have been inherited from past lives as family heirlooms. Many have a value. Not necessarily a monetary value, but an emotional one. Photographs, often valueless to others may be intensely valuable to those in them or to those who know, or knew, the subjects. Perhaps it’s an old teddy bear that you treasure because it formed part of your childhood. Whilst it has no intrinsic market value, to you it forms a part of who you are. It should be kept, treasured and willed on as part of your legacy.

Digital Footprints

The Internet, for most of us, now forms a large part of our daily lives. Every time we log on or use our mobile device, we leave behind a Digital Footprint. This could include our social interactions, our subscriptions, our emails, whenever we bank online, pay our bills, buy things, auction our stuff, load our photos or videos into the cloud, and anything else you can think of that involves accessing the Internet. Not all things “digital” are Internet based however. Your home videos may be held on digital tape. Photos from your digital camera may be stored on your computer or on memory sticks. The ability to collect huge amounts of information about us is ever growing as we become more and more digitised through the use of computers, tablets, cameras and smartphones.

Digital Assets have Value too

As we move order adipex diet pills online away from the physicality of our legacies into this digital collection of our life we ought to be considering the need to protect its value as we do our non-digital legacy. This means that our digital assets should be managed during our life time in preparation for their curation and enjoyment once we pass on. How this can best be achieved is to say the least, not easy. It requires careful planning, preparation and consideration to be effective.

How much you care may only depend on your perception of your own mortality. The younger you are, the less concerned you may feel. It may also depend on how much information you have digitally accumulated that you would like to pass on. Do you want to grant access to any or all of your online accounts? Do you wish to deny access? Are you happy that your accounts just lapse and your information is deleted? What about your online subscriptions? What should happen to them? Do you run an online business, a blog, an internet service? Do you have copyright in some of your online works? What about your You Tube videos? Your computers? Your phone? Your tablet and all those memory sticks kicking around? These are all digital assets you should be considered for protection in your assessment.

It’s Complicated

It is possible that you may also need some legal advice from specialists who understand the complexities of passing on and curating a digital legacy. Law firms are now starting to offer guidance and advice to those that need it. And if you do take the need to protect your digital legacy seriously, then a few online services have sprung up to cater for you. See our Resources page for more information.

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