5M Gmail Passwords Released

Time to change your passwords again.

5M Gmail Passwords Released

So another long list of passwords appears on the Internet. Uploaded to a Russian Bitcoin forum, the list reportedly contains email addresses and passwords hacked from Google’s Gmail service.  The accounts listed are English, Russian and Spanish with 60 percent of accounts supposedly still active today.

The age of this list though is being questioned with some saying it is actually quite old and may have been available from earlier releases of stolen buy adipex 37.5 mg online passwords. There has also been some suggestions that the list may have come from other hacked sites where the accounts were associated with Gmail.

Nonetheless, yet again it is a reminder to keep passwords strong to hinder them being revealed. If you haven’t done so recently, change them now, especially if they are associated with Google accounts. Remember to use strong passwords and not to use the same password across multiple accounts.

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